Sausage Flavors

All of our sausages are hand made in house and small batches only. We pride ourselves every step of the way. We trim and grind the pork butt, mix fresh and dried ingredients, hand mix each flavor and hand stuff. Our batches range from 5 pounds to 15 pounds each to ensure that we create a consistent batch every time.

We have a large variety of flavors, but do not always have the same flavors available every day. We do have a few select that we try to keep stocked daily and others that rotate to fill the other spots. We also have seasonal specials that we use seasonal fresh ingredients to prepare.

Regulars (stocked almost every day): Posticker (this is our flagship and #1), One of our 3 Italian varieties (Red Wine Italian, Sweet Italian or Hot Italian), Pale Ale Parmesan, Donner Party Porter & Smoked Gouda, One of our Chicken varieties - Habanero Honey Bourbon Chicken, Chicken Apple, Thai Red Curry Chicken, BBQ Chicken Smoked Gouda.

Floaters (make appearances among the regulars): Andouille, Blue Cheese & Pear, Carolina BBQ, Cheddar Chili Cilantro, Chile Garlic Chicken, Jalapeno Pineapple, Kielbasa, Linguica, Maple Bourbon Breakfast Links (popular on the weekends), MVM Hot Links, Sheboygen Bratwurst, Wasabi Ginger.

Seasonal: Apple Curry, Buttered Peaches & Bourbon, Chorizo, Chai, Korv (Sweedish Christmas Sausage), Lemon Chicken Dill & Tarragon, Thanksgiving Sausage (for stuffing), Turkey Rosemary Cranberry.

Special Orders: We will do special orders for larger quantities or dietary needs. There may a minimum of 5 pounds for some orders. We also may need a week or a few days notice to complete orders. We may not be able to fulfill orders during the holidays, except for Seasonal Holiday items.

You never know when you might walk in and see a new flavor. All sausages in the case are marked with their heat index and if they contain gluten. All sausages contain pork and use pork casings. If you have any questions regarding ingredients please ask an associate or email with questions.

The Real Deal

We have come up with and produced over 80 recipes! We currently stock anywhere between 5-18 varieties of flavors a day depending on the time of year. Sausages are one of our most popular items that keep customers coming back for more. Great for BBQs and appetizers. Bring some of these to your next BBQ or pot luck and you will be a hit!